Who we are

MoviPort S.A. provides logistics solutions for different types of loads including reception, storage, warehousing, blending, fractionation, dispatch and transport.

Besides, it offers packages that include stowage, good storage, fractionation of bulk products and road or rail transport from its origin - in case of exportation - or to destination - in case of importation.

MoviPort S.A. has achieved a greater participation as regional provider in the market of fertilizer services with a continuous investment policy that suits customer needs. Nowadays, it has operational terminals in the town of Alvear (Santa Fe province, Argentina,) and in Villeta, port and industrial city of Paraguay.

Consolidated in the area of fertilizers operations, MoviPort S.A. has a 35-year trajectory and it’s still growing to satisfy the changing needs of the market, achieve the highest quality standards at required services and reinforce its commitment as a sustainable organization.

MoviPort S.A. was born out of a merger between two construction companies in San Nicolás, Buenos Aires province, in 1983. At that time, a deep industrial crisis made both companies decide to take their equipment and offer their services in the local port.

MoviPort S.A. has consolidated as a company that has supported port activity growth in San Nicolás and market demands with the continuous incorporation of equipment, improvements in its infrastructure and employee’s training.

In 2014, services were expanded as it began to operate 2,500 agrochemical pallets positions in racks. A warehouse was especially built for this purpose and for setting up metal shelving.

Since 2021, MoviPort S.A. has begun to offer its customers a new operational facility located northern, in the town of Alvear (Santa Fe province) Km 7, road A012, with 15,000 tons storage capacity.

As MoviPort S.A. has continually been growing, one of its goals was to have a greater regional participation in the market of fertilizers services.

In 2017, operations also began in Nueva Palmira port (Uruguay) so as to offer a complete portfolio of services.

In October 2021, together with Paraguayan company Puerto Seguro Fluvial S.A., MoviPort S.A. began its activity in Paraguay. It takes place in port and industrial city of Villeta, located by the Paraguay river and in its first stage offers a 35,000 tons static capacity.

MoviPort S.A., a company that provides services of reception, storage, warehousing, blending, fractionation, dispatch and transport of general loads assumes its commitment to meet the applicable requirements in all its operations and services.

This policy is applied to satisfy customer needs in a context of honesty, safety, professionalism and respect for the environment.

MoviPort S.A. will provide the necessary material resources and training to improve quality management system continuously by getting involve all interested parties of the organization in order to optimize quality and efficiency of its services and improve profitability.

What we do

Fertilizers storage and dispatch

MoviPort S.A. offers services to fertilizer import companies under quality system management ISO 9001 certified by Bureau Veritas. It meets the needs of different crops and regions in the country by working with different types of dry bulk grains. The company has 200,000 tons storage capacity for fertilizers and approximately 10,000 tons per day dispatch capacity for break bulk or dry bulk grains.

It offers blending and packaging up to 5 products with net weight electronic equipment into open-mouth bags as well as valve bags. Customers can follow all the procedure online through our software system.

Other loads

Dry bulk grains: Clinker Portland, gypsum, sulphur, zinc concentrate, lead concentrate, fertilizers, seeds, manganese mineral, iron mineral, refractory minerals, coal mineral, oil coal waste, among others.

Break Bulk: iron and steel products, big bags, wood logs, pallet wood, palletised drawers, among others.

Regional logistics hub

Besides, it offers packages that include stowage (loading and discharging ships,) good storage, fractionation of grain products and road or rail transport from its origin, in case of exportation, or to destination, in case of importation.

In this way, customers get a complete service that we define as ‘door-customer to ship’ or vice versa ‘ship to door-customer’ with industrial processes such as fractionation, classification, sifting, cleaning, etc. together with in-land transport.

Offices and facilities

MoviPort S.A. commercial offices and warehouses are located in Av. Las Rosas 190 in San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Buenos Aires province in ZAL, Zona de Actividades Logisticas (Logistic activities zone.)

With 52,000 m2 warehouses on 17-hectare industrial private lands, the company is located 500 meters from San Nicolas port’s entry (San Nicolas port management consortium.)

It offers 23 warehouses from 1,000 m2 to 10,000 m2 with 200,000 tons storage capacity for all types of goods. Besides, it offers a 10-hectares site for exterior storage of general goods, parking lot for 200 trucks, truck scales and its own rail branch that enters warehouses and storage sites.

MoviPort S.A. offices, warehouses and facilities have CCTV monitored 24/7 to guarantee safety, supervise different spots and analyse certain events if it’s required.

San Nicolás ports

San Nicolás ports are located downstream by the right side of Paraná river at kilometre 343,152 miles from Buenos Aires port and 34 miles from Rosario port.

Kilometre 0 of national route 188 starts at this port and it connects San Nicolas to the city of San Rafael in Mendoza province. Besides, San Nicolás is one of the extremes of the bi-oceanic corridor that reaches Chilean city of Talca through the border crossing Pehuenche.

With privileged location in the river route Paraná-Paraguay, it performs transfer to third countries for upstream or downstream traffic or reception of general grain loads or break bulk.

The most important private ports are Siderar (Ingeniero Buitrago,) AES América port (CTSN port) and San Nicolás port called San Nicolás port management consortium (CGPSN.)

Ingeniero Buitrago is a private port for exclusive use of Siderar S.A.
CTSN port is property of San Nicolas power plant owned by group AES América. Mooring area is 250 m front and has 2 Demag cranes with 16 tons capacity and one Derricks-type crane with 150 tons capacity.
• There are 2 docks in San Nicolás port (CGPSN.) One covers 220 m of mooring area and the other one, for general loads, covers 537 m of mooring area.

The ports offer:

-Railway access: Railway companies that enter these ports are: NCA (Nuevo Central Argentino,) Ferrocarril ALL (América Latina Logística,) Ferrosur Roca and Ferro Expreso Pampeano.

-Highway access: Port zone is connected to Buenos Aires-Rosario highway through national route 188 that connects San Nicolás with San Rafael, Mendoza province.

Presence in the Paraná-Paraguay waterway

Paraná-Paraguay waterway is the most developed corridor with major economic importance for all Rio de la Plata basin that allows continuous navigation among ports of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

It covers 3,442 km from Cáceres port (Mato Grosso, Brazil) in its extreme northern point to Nueva Palmira port (Uruguay) in its extreme southern point.

As to increase regional participation in fertilizer services market, since 2017, MoviPort S.A. operates in Nueva Palmira port.

In 2021, a new terminal began operating in the Paraguayan city of Villeta.

All its terminals are located in strategical areas of the waterway and offer a complete package of services that includes, besides warehousing, transfer and river freight of loads.


Commercial office and warehouse:
Avenida Las Rosas 190, B2900FVN, San Nicolás de Los Arroyos, Buenos Aires

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